what’s shoeonthemoon?

shoe. on the. moon.

A bit odd, eh? Unusual? And yet, appealing somehow… That’s about what most people would probably say about me myself.

Shoe. Thinking of fashion right? A fabulous Louboutin stiletto, I bet. I like it too! Classy, but with a touch of rebel. Even though I like fashion, it’s quite unlikely to see fashion here. I appreciate what that type of bloggers do, but I can’t spend my time going around taking photos of myself, maybe I’m just too basic for that? Maybe one day… Moon. Thinking of night time? Romeo and Juliet? Not exactly. More like a silent and inspiring night. With wolves howling in the forest nearby. One of them comes by – it’s Moon Moon! See? Jokes that are so lame they make you laugh, are the kind of things that put the smile on my face.

So what is this blog about then? My personal opinions and experiences, my views and thoughts on the world expressed in visuals and words. It’s a reflection of me. Of who I were, who I am and who I aspire to be.

7 thoughts on “what’s shoeonthemoon?

  1. Hello! I really liked the context of your blog’s name. It’s worthwhile looking for amusement and happiness in simple things in life. A silent and inspiring night, with wolves howling in the nearby forest… well that paints a seemingly simple yet extraordinarily intense picture in my head.

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